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Allow me to introduce you to my new crush: Special Agent Alexander Mahone^_~

He makes Snape look mild-mannered in comparison. Why have I not heard of William Fichtner before? A grave oversight on my part that must be swiftly rectified!
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So with the arrival of the box set from Amazon.UK, I watched season.1 of Prison Break and by god they just don't make television like that any more! It's not just the utterly brilliant casting of all the actors, but the script is perfect and the cinematography is above par for a TV show even after all these years. Hard to believe the show aired in 2005! It looks and sounds like a Hollywood movie and I mean that in the best way.

I have nothing negative to say about the show, dislike for some characters notwithstanding, and will now venture into season.2! *bounces like a fangirl*
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I saw a promo for Prison Break. It's amazing that it's returning after being years off air. A testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of the actors and fans at the very least, and no doubt it will make money for the network.

I remember watching a handful of episodes of season.1 back then and liking it but I didn't continue, which is odd for me. After checking the dates, the show aired in 2005-2009 which explains it. Those years were a little too eventful for me. Fortunately, the whole set of PB dvds is on sale for a pretty good price and I've ordered it. Can't wait to enjoy Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell's acting after the travesty of LoT and Flash.


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