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I have mixed feelings about this instalment. It's just not the same without Paul Walker.

It was more coherent than F&F7 but the CG cars made me roll my eyes. Too many cars being trashed to be convincing.

Charlize Theron made a great villain. And frankly no matter how hard the movies try to push the Dom/Letty pairing, I don't see it. Maybe when they were young, but by the time Dom met Elena or Brian it's obvious that every thing's changed. Letty is a one-dimensional character; it's hard to muster much sympathy for her.

Helen Mirren is just awesome! Especially with that accent^_~ I need a fic with the Shaw family reunion.

The cinematography was really beautiful and each location came alive.

Did not like using Elena as an excuse for providing Dom with a child and revenge. There were a lot of drawn out scenes too that felt like filler.

There was this comment they inserted in the movie that Brian would know what to do regarding Dom turning rogue and I thought "Yes, he would." But if the reasoning that Brian can't be on the team is because he has a son, then Dom is in the same position now isn't he?

There's something that feels like an ending in this eight movie and maybe they're setting up the verse for the children.

I'm curious as to how they will film the future movies because Brian was supposedly retired to raise his son, and now Dom has a son too. That excuse won't work here.


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