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Spent the day doing laundry, not exactly my favourite activity. Especially with some pieces requiring to be washed by hand, I am not eager to discover what a washing machine can do to lace and viscose...

Temperatures hit 50C this week and god help us come July. *winces* I've been digging through the closet to find loose clothing, can't imagine wearing too many layers to work. I've been slowly replacing my clothes since the beginning of the year. My body has changed lately and I don't mean just added weight; suspect it has something to do with ageing. Sometimes being a woman is both interesting and frustrating at once.

Cap Reverse BigBang is on Tumblr. I haven't read any fics yet, just browsed through the accompanying art. Though it's unkind to say this but some of the art is pretty bad^^

Date: 2017-06-13 09:08 pm (UTC)
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50C, yeesh. Our occasional summer heights hit 40C and that's bad enough. (Nothing you can do in that weather but wait for the day to pass or fins somewhere with air-conditioning.


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