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Birthdate:Nov 1
A fannish journal whose manifestations include discussions about anime/manga/tv shows/films/book reviews; all imbued with world-weary cynicism and excessively analytical thoughts.

Age Statement: I'm well above 18 for any who'd like to know.

Please Note: I'm a slash writer and my posts will reflect this. Please take this into consideration before reading the posts or friending my journal.

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Muraki x Tsuzuki


Friending policy: This is a touchy subject for some people. You can friend me if you want, but don't be angry if you're not friended back. This is due to two reasons: 1) I don't spend much time on LJ or online 2) I don't know you or have never talked to you online. I'm sorry but I simply don't have the time and energy required to maintain a large Flist.

My Fanfiction: My fics can be found on the skyehawke archive and on Ao3 under "Ariss Tenoh"

Fic Updates Mailing List:

Fanfic Note: You may not translate my fics or host them anywhere without my permission. Failure to contact me is not considered a valid reason.

This is a good simulacrum of what I look like except I wear glasses too. And yes, that air of absent-mindedness is accurate too^_^


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