Aug. 31st, 2017 08:02 pm
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Just returned from seeing Inhumans at Imax 2-D cinema. It looks and sounds amazing; how that will translate on normal TV is another matter.

The film seems to be a compilation of the first two episodes so it's setting things up to interest the viewer in the TV series. I'm personally very interested to see the show when it airs at the end of September. Having a lead character who can't speak is a big challenge for the actor and the script writer, it adds a different dynamic to relationships.

Some critics accused it of being an X-Men clone but it doesn't seem like it. I get the feeling it's a drama with some royal family backstabbing and sibling rivalry like a Shakespeare tragedy waiting to happen. It's too early to say much about it but it does look promising.

PS: Imax tickets are expensive! Other people already know this but this was my first time. Certainly not something to be repeated often.
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LoT: 2x16 "Doomworld"
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After being offline for a week, I admit that the new season of Sherlock was foremost on my mind^_~ Often it's fannish things that make the holidays and the family interactions more easy to bear.

If you've seen the episode, come discuss it with me! Even if you have a different opinion.
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Mid season.5 of Hawaii Five-0...

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Onto season.5 of Hawaii Five-0...

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and to the end of season.4 of H5-0

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Season.4 of Hawaii Five-0...

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Last episodes of H5-0, season.3

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Sep. 30th, 2016 01:21 pm
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More Hawaii Five-0 viewing...

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The Flash, Season.2 (23 eps): I've figured out why the second season of the flash bored me to tears, aside from removing Len and his rogues gallery, it's identical to season.1 in almost every aspect.
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Legends of Tomorrow, Season.1 (ep.1-16): Well, the first season is over and despite a few high points in some episodes, I'm relieved to see it end. The final episode delivered quite a twist.

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Apr. 1st, 2016 11:49 pm
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Vikings season.4, ep.5-7: O~kaaaaay... this is an interesting trio of episodes.
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Mar. 4th, 2016 10:04 pm
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Vikings 4x02, 4x03: The new season is certainly off to a bloody start.
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Yay, Vikings is finally back!

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Feb. 12th, 2016 12:43 pm
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Some thoughts on Legends of Tomorrow, ep.1-4

Behind an LJ-cut in case anyone hasn't seen the latest episode yet.
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The Shannara Chronicles, ep.1-4: I enjoyed this series. It's a fantasy series without the excessive sex and gore of Game of Thrones. It seems to be set in a world after the majority of humans have died likely due to some war/nuclear disaster and now elves, gnomes, trolls, etc. roam the land. Admittedly, the main draw for me is Manu Bennett as Allanon and John Rhys-Davies as Eventine Elessedil.

The main cast are all young and pretty per MTV's standards, though the way everything and everyone are beautiful, clean, and shiny makes it feel a bit fake. Poppy Drayton who plays elven princess Amberlee is so thin that it's alarming to watch her wear those tight dresses; she looks like an anorexic. The plot is standard fantasy fare of having to save the world from demons and discovering one's destiny, though the dialogue is too modern and aimed at teens. It's still fun to watch if a tad predictable. I hope it does well enough to continue to air for a couple seasons at least. It's nice to have an uncomplicated show to watch. Of course, I am already intrigued by the secrets both Allanon and Badon are hiding so I can ignore the love triangle that's already been set up between the three core characters.

Did any one else watch it? What are your thoughts?
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This what I was looking forward to in the new year and it didn't disappoint^_^

Funny, angsty, and the bride was creepy enough to even fit into a Yami no Matsuei episode, and very clearly it was a tribute to the legions of Sherlock fans out there. People who were looking for a linear case episode were likely disappointed. I quite enjoyed it and can't wait for the AU and time-travel fics to come^_~

Did anyone see it yet? What did you think?
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This is a 7-part BBC series based on the novel by Susanna Clarke. I'd read the novel back when it came out in 2004 and was curious how the adaptation would be executed. After finishing the miniseries, which feels more like one long film, I'd have to say it was a success. On the whole, it was a beautiful realisation of the world Clarke created in her novel as the plot slowed down in some sections of the novel and made it a chore to read; this is such a faithful adaptation that it sometimes suffers the same slow pace in certain episodes.

Still, the magical realism/alternate history angle of JS&MN is a big draw as it's set during the Napoleonic Wars and seeing Jonathan Strange cast his magic spells makes the child in me smile with excitement. The casting choices are brilliant: Bertie Carvel shines as Jonathan Strange and I bet most viewers are going to connect with him, Eddie Marsan should be praised for giving Mr. Norrell a degree of humanity and vulnerability even though his actions are deplorable and make me want to slap him most of the time, Charlotte Riley is great as Strange's strong yet compassionate wife Arabella. But my favourite is Enzo Cilenti as John Childermass, Norrell's manservant. He is smart, sarcastic, and Machiavellian without overly showing his hand. And he's a magician too. He's like Snape in HP; he steals the show in every scene he appears in^_^

The themes of slavery and female empowerment were explored too. Several female characters positions in society are juxtaposed against one another. Norrell and Strange's magic has consequences for everyone around them and the series shows the effects of it. The ending is the same as the book's so it's a bit disappointing in that regard. All in all, it was fun.

And now someone needs to write a crossover between this series and Naomi Novik's Temeraire^_~
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Spent the past three days watching Daredevil, each episode is one hour long. It's a great adaptation of the comic book source. Within the first two episodes, Matthew Murdock's character is introduced and established and over the 13 episodes of the series, other characters are slowly drawn into the web of death and destruction around him. The casting director did a good job selecting the actors, they are all suited to the roles they play and breathe life into these characters. The script is tight and focused, I think the only episode that felt slow and boring was episode.10, and the music complements the scenes. I couldn't help grinning when hearing Nessun Dorma and the scene it was used in. There are also lots of little references slyly made to allude to the Avengers and the larger Marvel universe. And the cinematography is as beautiful and evocative as any Hollywood film.

There's a fair amount of violence here, the first episode is difficult to watch for the violence against women, and this must be the only show that made me sympathise with a pair of human traffickers because the major villain was so much worse than them, but it's balanced with an equal dose of religion, moral questions, and a touch of the supernatural. I'm almost disappointed we won't get to see more of this version of Daredevil. It's the best one yet.

PS: love the style of the opening credits!
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Finished watching season.1 and 2 of Vikings. I highly recommend watching this show if you haven't seen it yet. Gorgeous cinematography, good script, strong female characters, and it's very character-based and driven. I couldn't get into Game of Thrones or the Tudors, etc. because it always seemed to me the setting and world-building was more important than the individual characters. Not so with Vikings where the story revolves around Ragnar Lothbrok and his family and friends.

The lack of gratuitous sex, nudity, and violence really appealed to me. These things exist in Vikings, to a large degree actually, but are a natural extension of whatever action/scene is being shown and not the "Let's pause the story here for a flash of breasts or a split open head" type that is so prevalent in HBO's series.

It's also rather ironic that a show set in the dark ages has a cast full of strong and capable female characters more than any other show set in 2014. *headdesk* There are women from different walks of life in Vikings: a slave girl, an earl's wife, a warrior/shield maiden, spurned lover, a princess, etc. And they all have their own back-story, ambitions, and agency, so it's clearly not impossible to portray real women on TV as some writers claim.

I'm sure there are historical inaccuracies aplenty but the spirit of the Viking culture is there, along with their customs, oral traditions, religious beliefs, etc.. that it's easy to forgive a wrong hairstyle or missing mail shirt. I admire the way ancient Norse beliefs are portrayed here, there is no ridicule nor confirmation of whether the gods exist or not. I wish more shows would take this approach when handling issues of faith. It would show more respect for people and different cultures.

The trio of characters at the heart of the show are:

Ragnar: as the central character he's fascinating. He admits he's a lowly farmer but he's also a warrior and with enough thirst for knowledge to rival a scholar and enough cunning to face royalty and win. He worships Odin but really should be praying to Loki. It's hard not to like a character who is clever, ambitious, and with a strange sense of honour all his own.

Lagertha: Ragnar's wife who is also a shield-maiden and the gods help any man who forgets that part. She is seriously awesome! *in fangirl mode here*. Lagertha is no Mary Sue though. She goes through the ups and downs of life as a woman with grace and dignity, and failing that the sharp edge of her sword.

Athelstan: the fandom favourite, I'd say. He is the Outsider POV we're likely to empathise with as viewers. He is/was a monk at a monastery and worked on illuminating manuscripts. Ragnar takes him hostage during a raid, he becomes a slave/nanny at Ragnar's house later on, and over the two seasons his character develops to an astonishing degree.

All in all, this is such an underrated show and I hope more people see it. I can't wait for season.3 coming next year.


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